Budding Fashion Designers-Why are you not getting a break?

Posted: Dec 06, 2018 | By Talk Bond | 0 | 3


I know how frustrating it is to not being recognized for the work you have done. What’s more frustrating is, not even getting a chance to show your work. 

In the fast-growing fashion industry of today, you might find yourself standing at a junction from where there is no ‘right turn’. You might have all the right directions on your map, but the road does not have those turning. WOW! Now that’s frustrating. 

You must think, ‘If only someone I ready to see my file once, they’ll know what talent I have’. But you don’t know how to make them notice your work once. The fashion industry is a cut-throat industry with a new designer every minute coming into the picture. So how do you get the limelight? Not very simple, but not impossible as well. 

Few steps that you can follow starts simple. 

Start with preparing an ‘Online presence’. Develop your sketches, upload it on the happening social media forums under your professional profile. 

Next step is ‘Appreciation’. Ask your friends to like and share the profile in their circle. 

Followed is the ‘Recommendation’ Step. Ask your friends remotely connected to the industry to put out a word of recommendation for your designs on social media. If your friends are not related to the field, then their far-fetched friends or colleague or acquaintance could be. This is no time to be shy. Be upfront and ask for the help. It is going to help you in the long run. 

The above three steps created your presence online. Now is the time to convert those buzz into physical interactions and meetings. 

You must have designed something great. Don’t be afraid to upload a few of them initially. You be worried of people copying the designs. Let them a first few times. This will only expand your fan following. 

Try to upload something new every few days or at least once a week and see the difference in your followers. Once you follow these steps rigorously, once your presence is expanded, people start to notice. Designers explore the social media for fresh talent. Let them see your work. Let them see your talent. Let them take interest in our work. Let them come forward with a meeting invite. 

There is nothing like a cut-short to glory if you have a background starting from zero. You have to put continuous effort and keep growing. Success is the fruits which taste better only when you have truly earned it. Good Luck 

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