8 Fashion tips to rock on the first date

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Check out the list of 8 fashion tips to be sexy and confidente

No one escapes from the insecurity about what to wear on the first date. So before you repeat the scene where you spread the entire wardrobe on your bed, we prepare eight certain tips that can reduce the time spent during the outfit selection process. Check out the suggestions and glow!


1. Go with heels!

Heels make a woman more feminine. This device allows you to be at the same or almost same height as man and making yourself more confident. In addition, lengthens the silhouette and makes the clothes look more fashion.


2. Invest in a beautiful dress

A well-lined dress shows the woman that's wearing it. See if the piece has a good cut if valorize what you are offering. The sensuality that the dress suggests is already halfway to your date end it up in success.

3. Sexy on the right measure

Now that you already know that the ideal is to go wearing a dress to the date, be careful to not miss a hand. An extremely low-cut and short dress suggests that you want something more on the first date. If this is the goal, do it! If you want the first meeting to be just a movie or dinner, invest in dresses with slits and discreet necklines.


4. Beware of prints

If you use a dress full of hearts printed or child stamping, it is clear that your profile is a romantic and dreamy woman. A more rock'n roll visual shows firmness. Invest in floral monochrome or discrete looks to keep the air of mystery.


5. Avoid bright colours

Flashy colours do not fit well to this kind of occasion. The focus is the woman, then you do not need to have an outfit that calls more attention than her and overshadow its natural beauty. Strong tones, but not garish, can be a good way out depending on the skin tone and hair.


6. Opt for fabrics that do not mark the imperfections

The fabric choice can transform the look. If the woman is overweight, it is better to avoid pieces that mark the body. Silk, satin and jersey are some options that favours the female body and leave the good sensual look. Ideally, choose a piece that is sophisticated and has a faultless finish.


7. Accessories: to bet or not?

According to the piece model and the chosen colour, use maxi accessories. They impact and complete the look. If you decide on a traditional dress and a closed tone, bet in a colourful maxi necklace which will leave the look sleek. It is details that make the difference at the time of composing the outfit.


8. Makeup, hair and nails

Once you have chosen the ideal dress, high heels and accessories, it's time to think about your hair and makeup. Invest in a colour chart that is close to pastel shades and if you want to load a little, choose only one spot in your face and devastates. The nails should also be perfect and any colours can be used. Choose the nail polish tone that makes you feel safe, but the red will always be the most sensual of all colours. And the hair? The trick is to let a side head hair to shows the neck. This is super sexy

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