10 Creative Ideas For Remodeling Your Kitchen On A Budget

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 The kitchen is the room with the most action in every house.  It is where everyone gathers to eat, talk, do homework and much more.  We know that everyone gets tired of how their kitchen looks and we have come up with ten tips to renovate this space without spending a small fortune.


  1. Cabinets can look dated over time, so in order to freshen them up, we recommend painting them.  This can brighten up a dark kitchen and make everything look bright and airy.  
  2. Replacing a light fixture can bring a more modern and polished look to space.
  3. To make the kitchen look more upscale, we recommend adding moulding to the top of your cabinets.  When they are painted or stained the same colour as the cabinets, they will look like they were custom made.
  4. Countertops can be expensive, so in order to keep costs down, we suggest that you look into finding a salvage store that might have exactly what you are looking for at a fraction of the cost.  Another idea is to install a butcher block counter for the character.  
  5. If you are trying to lighten up the kitchen space, add some white beaded board around an island or peninsula.  This will brighten the area and add some dimension.
  6. Start frequenting garage sales or thrift stores for that perfect dining set. Spend a little bit of money on a solid dining set that you can then refinish to look exactly like you want it. You will spend only a fraction of what you would have on a brand new set.
  7. Adding new hardware to cabinets and drawers will instantly make a room look new and updated.  The hardware is inexpensive and there are large selections to choose from.
  8. If your kitchen looks small, we would suggest having an open cabinet concept. Remove the doors from your cabinets and add some wallpaper or a bright paint colour along the back.  Stack your dishes nicely and the colour will pop out from behind.  
  9. Backsplash is another item that can look dated over time.  To freshen it up, add some ceramic tile.  The tiles are fairly inexpensive and easy to install and clean.

     10. Remove linoleum flooring and replace with laminate flooring.  The laminate is available in different colours and you are able to choose from wide or smaller planks.  

The laminate is very easy to clean as well.

The renovated kitchen will become the space of your dreams and you will enjoy spending your time there more than you used to.

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