What inspired me to Make Dream Catcher Necklace?

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A peaceful life filled with hopes and dreams that will come true is what everyone need. I am feeling the peace in my life with a big change that a little craft made. Dream catchers are such crafts that can make dreams come true. 

Few years ago I was restless and I had an unhappy mind. So many nightmares and some stressful times. My boyfriend noticed that and asked me, ‘’hey honey what is the matter?’’ I told him nightmares scares me a lot and restless mind keeps me tired. Later day he met me and gave something that even I didn’t heard about. That is a dream catcher necklace. He put it on my neck and told ‘GOOD BYE BAD DREAMS’. First, I did not believe it but I loved the appearance of the sweet necklace made by himself. Trust me friends, it was the last day I lived with a restless mind. 

Then, I started making small cute dream catcher necklaces and gifted to my best friends and the ones I care more about. Hope this will also be helpful to you and your loved ones. 

As I know, both good and bad dreams are captured by dream catchers and the good dreams slide down the feather to those sleeping below. Even though the designs and legends of Dream Catchers differ slightly, the underlying meaning and symbolism is universal and is carried across cultures and language barriers. As all we know everybody dreams. Sometimes you will find someone unhappy due to nightmares. So, be smart and gift a nice dream catcher necklace to your loved ones. Following are the steps 

1. First thing is to make the base of your earrings necklace. Take the beading wire (or similar wire and shape it into a circle then use pliers or scissors to twist it so that it’s connect at the top. I used this egg timer to get the circles for my earring the same size. 

2. If you do use beading wire, you want to use the green garden wire and wrap it around the beading wire to strengthen it. 

3. Then take yarn in the colour you want the frame of your dream catcher to be and wrap that all the way round the frame to hide the green garden wire 

4. This is when you start to make the webbed part of the dream catcher and it’s really easy. Like you can see in the picture, first tie a long piece of yarn in any colour you like to the top of the frame. Then, loosely loop it around another area of the frame (you want to keep them roughly the same distance apart all the way round, mine were about 2-3cm) and pass the string over the top to the loop you made. 

5. Simply pull that quite tight -but not too tight- and you've done the first stitch. Repeat that all the way around the frame. 

6. When it comes to the second row, make the same knots but in the middle of the string above. Repeat this as many times as you like, but make sure to leave the traditional gape in the Centre of the dream catcher. Knot it to finish. 

7. You can decorate it by hanging small feathers and beads as shown in the images 

8. Then you can put this to a chain and wear it. You have done the dream Cather necklace. 

So guys try this and have a happy life full of love and peace. Thanks for being with me. 

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