The Newbie's Guide to Landscape Photography

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I personally, love a good landscape photo.  Capturing the beauty of nature is a truly special thing, so if you are interested in this topic, here are some tips to get you started!

1. Lighting:  Lighting is one of the most important, if not THE most important, thing to master to get a great landscape shot.  Unlike portraits, landscapes are a great subject for bright, sunny days.  The best times to take these types of photos is during the early morning or around sunset.  The reason for this is that at these times you'll get the best side lighting.  Sidelighting brings out long shadows and emphasizes the textures and shapes of whatever you are taking a photo of.  Getting this lighting down is key to making your landscape images really pop!  As a general rule, do NOT shoot landscapes at noon or when the sun is high in the sky.  You will lose the amazing shadows and a lot of the texture.

2.  Composition:  There are some general rules to follow when composing your shot for the most interesting angle.  Of course, all rules are made to be broken, but before you can do that successfully you need to start from the beginning.  One good rule is to avoid having the horizon line in the middle of your photograph.  You should decide which is the more interesting angle.  If the sky has beautiful clouds and colour, you might want the top of your photo to be more emphasized.  If the sky is rather plain, you should focus more on the ground.  This is a rule that you really shouldn't break.  If you're taking a photo split in half, it won't be nearly as interesting to look at!

One problem you may run into when composing your photograph is that you can't move the mountains (or trees, or boulders, etc etc)!  You can't move the sun, either.  The only way to solve this problem is to move yourself, or come back at a time of day when the sun is in a better position.  If you need to come back at a later time, it's worth it to get a great photo.    

3.  Where to Find Good Landscapes:  Do you feel like your town is flat and boring?  Are you worried that because you don't have beautiful mountains in the distance you won't get a good photo?  Never fear!  Most of the landscape photos I have taken are in Houston (yeah, that flat place slightly above sea-level).  Find a nice park, pond, or a place out in a more rural area if one happens to be close.  With a little imagination you can take a great photo anywhere!  And, of course, pay attention when you're traveling.  Not only will you likely find some great places to shoot, but you'll also have photos for memories to last a lifetime!

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