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Interior designing for newly wed couple

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Once upon a time, I became yours and you became mine; and we shall stay together till the clock strikes 9.

(‘It is 9am in the morning; your new home is still a mess, I bet and you both don’t agree with color scheme as yet’.)


Many new couplets like you both, may find designing and decorating their maiden home as a daunting task. It should strike you as no surprise that your styles and tastes in décor do not match. At any point in time, you may feel as two sailors in the same boat navigating in different directions. 

Do not worry! ; following the below mentioned tricks and tips can merrily sail your boat across the ocean, nevertheless win you the title of

‘Happily Married Ever After’.

  1. Apply 4M’s: These simple M’s can solve a host of your problems.

  1. Mood Boarding: It is done in the form of images or illustrations displayed on a board. This process might be time consuming and intricate, yet the results are fantastic. It will help inject personality and style to the house considering preferences of both, Mr. and Mrs. 

You can use various apps like Pinterest, Houzz etc for the same or you can get a little crafty and messy by cutting and sticking likeable pictures in a collage form on large sheet of cardboard or ivory.  Designate areas as different rooms e.g. master bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room etc and allot pictures accordingly.

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Mood boarding

  1. Manipulation: Manipulating and handling space becomes an indispensible task if the two of you shift with truck loads of things or you have purchased a small rental apartment in a busy city area. Here are a few pointers:
  2. Bi-folding and sliding doors can be suitable choice especially for the homeowners who like to optimize every square inch.


Bi folding doors                                                     sliding doors

  1. Having multiple drawers in the kitchen is an excellent use of space. They allow full access of the entire cabinet depth. Other kitchen space saving ideas include draw dividers, cutlery dividers, corner cupboards and smart below the sink accessories. 

  1. Clearing out the things that you do not need is the best and the cheapest way to maximize your space. Stacking and organizing are other ways to mindfully use various spaces.


  1. Me-zones:  It is a good therapy to relax or unwind in your private cocoons without losing on the quotient of intimacy. It can also be included to carry out daily chores with ease and comfort.


                        His private workstation

2. Refer to Science: For the heavenly magic that enhances love and luck, sciences like Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra can be of mighty help.

  1. According Vastu Shastra, the master bedroom should be in the South- west of the house for a successful relationship. This can be an important consideration while choosing a house. Also, the feet of the couple while sleeping should face the North and their heads should always be in South. Consider it while placing the bed.

 Reflection of the mirror should not fall onto the bed. If the dressing table mirror is there, you can keep it covered next to the bed but the mirror should not face the bed. Similarly, avoid keeping TV or computer in the bedroom as their screen reflects like mirror.

  1. Feng Shui states the importance of pictures and paintings in the room of newlyweds. Choose pictures or paintings of love birds (always in a pair, an extra is regarded as intruder) or of a pair of Mandarin ducks symbolize love. This can certainly enhance the romance aspect of the house.

For color scheme use pastel shades such as beige, vanilla, sage and powder blue on the walls. Keep your room well-lit and ventilated and yes, uncluttered.

3. Budget Friendly: Make sure that you don’t go over the board by adding every possible bling and glint to decorate your home. You would want to save something for the future when you are ready to welcome new members to your family. 

So, keep a track of all your investments and do not waste your precious dimes on the things that just look fancy. As a matter of fact investing in staple pieces such as minimalistic wooden tables and chairs, linear furniture pieces, natural materials like cotton and jute for linen and tapestry would prove to be great.

Minimalistic furniture

 demin sofa and jute rugs

4. Safety: This often the most overlooked point which surely demands your sweet attention. Always check for electric circuits, water units and cooking gas installations before purchasing a pre built home. Surveillance camera or intercoms can be installed instantly after shifting in the new house. 

5. Express: There should be a certain wall or corner in your home which imbibes your journey; where you both as soul mates can express the love and togetherness. This wall can be a memoir for your kids.

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