About Us

Talkbond is the brainchild of creative minds for the creative minds of this world. Like our tagline says “Let’s Talk, Make Bond”, Talkbond is all about talking to each other and forming everlasting bonds.Our invention is totally “Idea-driven” and aims to encourage at turning dreams into reality.

This website will help people to communicate with other people, having same hobbies or similar creative interests. We have created a platform where people with same interests or fraternity/community have access to each other, irrespective of their geographic location, where they can talk, interact, learn and share their ideas and achievements. Here, you are getting a chance to learn new skills, voice your opinion, mentor young talent, receive latest news, updates and insights relating to all creative communities according to your choice and even find jobs that are relevant to your creativity skills.

Talkbond members will be able to sell their products and services in their own name, which means they are getting an opportunity to create their own brand. We can rightly say that we live in a “world of brands” where creating a name for yourself is a very tough path to walk on and not many people dare to tread on it. We are creating an opportunity for the common man to dream and get recognized by their name.

This website will provide platform to all users with creative and inquisitive streak, to learn the know-how and gather all possible information relating to their interest, create their dream-product and market their talent.

Many a times, even when a person is good at something and wish to polish their knowledge/skills or promote their talent to the world, they are not able to do so due to lack of right guidance and support. We are presenting here “the perfect technique” to help such creative minds to take the next step and reach out to the world of opportunities awaiting them. Talkbond will help them to connect with their fraternity/ Community, where people can share their work and experiences with each other.

Talkbond focuses majorly on communication between creative minds, people and communities by providing an easy and apprehension-free environment to connect globally. Talkbond aims to set up live examples in the real world and prove that hobbies turn out to be great professions too, if we invest our time and energy into something that we love doing.

On Talkbond, we have a set of communities namely Arts & Crafts, Designing, Fashion & Style, Food & Cuisine, Music & Movies, Photography, Science & Technology, Writing. You have an option to join any or all communities, which are significant to your skills and hobbies. Within these communities, you can connect with people who have similar interests, grow within the communities, learn the tactics of a skill, nurture your talent and develop your knowledge.